The rental process is very simple:

Our Race Suit Rental Program will give you the opportunity to race
in top quality safety gear without breaking the bank. 

This is the perfect way to try the products before you make
that large investment in your own race gear.
Please do not compromise your safety with minimal cheap protection
as you literally have skin in this game.

We specialize in renting brand name safety gear packages from
Bell Racing USA, OMP, OMP SPORT, ZAMP, SPARCO and Alpinestars
for use in the - ChampCar, World Racing League, Lucky Dog Racing, 24 Hours of LeMons and film and production work.

All our gear meets or exceeds all SFI requirements for use in these and SCCA, NASA, PCA, BMW and track day events.

Are you worried about receiving old used stinky gear? 
Not from us!
We utilize Molecule™ products to ensure the gear
you rent is fresh and clean and like new every time.
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1. SELECT the safety gear you would like to rent
2. RECEIVE your package with included shipping
3. RACE at your event
4. RETURN  gear to RSR after your race
The rental fee includes FedEx Ground shipping plus a
prepaid return shipping label to RaceSuitRental.

Once the gear is returned to us in good condition
(see terms of agreement), your deposit will be refunded in full.

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